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Quick commands

$ git commit -a

Git automatically stage every file that is already tracked before doing the commit, letting you skip the git add part

Removing files

If you simply remove the file from your working directory, it shows up under the “Changed but not updated” (that is, unstaged) area of your git status.

The next time you commit, the file will be gone and no longer tracked.

To add a new remote Git repository as a shortname you can reference easily, run

$ git remote add [shortname] [url]

git fetch origin fetches any new work that has been pushed to that server since you cloned (or last fetched from) it.

You can use the git pull command to automatically fetch and then merge a remote branch into your current branch.

$ git push origin master – push your master branch to your origin server

$ git checkout <branch> To switch to an existing branch

$ git checkout -b iss53 is a shorthand  for

  • $ git branch iss53
  • $ git checkout iss53

$ git merge

$ git branch -d <branch> delete branch

$ git mergetool – fires up an appropriate visual merge tool and walks you through the conflicts

$ git fetch origin – looks up which server origin is, fetches any data from it that you don’t yet have, and updates your local database, moving your origin/master pointer to its new, more up-to-date position



Git docs