Jmeter – If controller example

If controller  example to control which request to send based on response of the other sampler.

We’re using Dummy Sampler to generate requests.

We also need to extract response’s code. We can use Regular Expression Extractor to get it:

  • Field to check: Response Code
  • Reference Name: RESPONSE_CODE
  • Regular Expression: (\d+)
  • Template $1$

First If Controller Condition

  • ${RESPONSE_CODE}!="200"

Second If Controller Condition

  •  ${RESPONSE_CODE}=="200"

Setup Dummy Sampler to return code 200.

Dummy Sampler - 200


if controller - yes condition

And now edit it to return something other than 200

Dummy Sampler - 404


If Controller result


Jmeter – If controller example

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